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My name is Derek and I'm running for a seat on the school board in our Johnston Community School District.

One of the main motivators for new incoming families to Johnston has always been the public school system - and it still is.  My family moved to the Johnston school district as soon as my daughter was able to attend - because we know giving her the best chance to succeed requires a quality education.   I'm sure many of you reading this moved to the area for the exact same reason.  We want to provide the best opportunities for our kids.

Johnston has a strong foundation of engaged parents, healthy finances, and top teachers and I want to contribute along with those teachers and parents to work at moving Johnston back to the top tier of districts in the state with a strong academic focus.

I'd love to hear what your concerns and ideas are as well.  I need your input if I can effectively be your voice.  

Please take a moment to look around the site and leave me a message or suggestion in the Contact tab, partner with me financially with a donation, or volunteer if you'd like to help me reach every home in Johnston before November 2nd.

All the best,



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