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Meet Derek

I was born and raised in Des Moines and left shortly after high school to enlist in the US Army.  I was blessed  with the chance to experience a nine year enlistment that included a combat tour in Afghanistan and five years as a paratrooper assigned in support of 1st Special Forces Group.  It was during that time that I formed my foundation in service and leadership.   Protecting those to my left and right, making the hard decision and owning the outcome, and helping those around me reach their highest potential are key traits I learned that would serve well on the board.

I used my GI Bill to gain a degree in Public Administration from Indiana University where I graduated with honors before returning to Iowa with my family.   I chose this degree because I wanted to increase my tools and knowledge to better serve the public when my opportunity arrived. 

We moved into Johnston's school district when my daughter was ready to start school because we know that a quality education is one of the key factors in future successes.  

In the time we have been in our new home we are excited to be able to plant roots, grow in the community, and continue to make this our home.

I enjoy all things sports, hunting, camping, fishing with my daughter, cooking and grilling out.    

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